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Deposit Funds
You can deposit AFTER you already have a live account login number (trading account number)

Requires a minimum initial deposit of $100 to open a live account.

Funding by a Bank Wire Transfer

Wiring of funds is the preferred and the fastest way to transfer funds. Please allow 1-3 business days for the funds to be credited to the customer's account.

How to deposit using a bank wire:
Step 1. Go to your bank

Step 2. Fill the bank wire form (please ask your bank customer service to help you)

Step 3. Scan and Send the wire receipt to

Please allow 1-3 days to arrive into your trading account

You can transfer through your bank, example: from HSBC, Citibank, Bank BCA, etc

Deposit - STEP 2 of 3
(Go to your bank and fill this wire form in there)

Below is the example of bank wire form

Deposit Example
Example of bank wire deposit form

* USER INDONESIA: Untuk Memudahkan menjawab pertanyaan Bank, maka TUJUAN TRANSAKSI bisa anda isi dengan (pilih salah satu): Pembayaran Broker, Penyetoran Modal Dagang, Tabungan, dan semacamnya yang dimana hanya untuk bertujuan formalitas dan menghindari pertanyaan berbelit-belit dari pihak bank.

Deposit - STEP 3 of 3
(Scan and Send the wire receipt)

Email to
Subject Deposit to account: YOUR_LOGIN_NUMBER (YOUR_NAME)
Your scanned Wire Transfer Receipt in JPG, GIF or PDF file format
Email Content Dear Accounting,

I have made a deposit USD$DEPOSIT_AMOUNT to my account YOUR_LOGIN_NUMBER.

I have attached my wire receipt. Please proceed it as soon as possible.

Thank you

Kind Regards,

  • Please mention your login number in the transfer memo
  • Write your name completely (must be same as your trading account name)
  • All redemption request will be returned the way the funds were received.
  • We does not accept 3rd party deposits.
  • You are free to withdraw any funds you deposit, at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Please allow 1-3 business days for the funds to be credited to the customer's account.
  • Usually the bank wire cost is around $10-$20 for full amount transfer.
  • Deposit with other Currencies will be converted automatically to USD.

We use industry standard security technology and practices, focusing on three key areas - privacy, technology and identification to safeguard your account from any unauthorized access. We work with industry leaders to maximize your security.

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