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Demo Account

The demo account will provide you access to our trading platform which offers, real-time streaming quotes for multiple currency pairs, real-time charting & news, and state-of-the-art trade execution and account management and more.

Demo accounts allow you to work in a training mode without using real money and enable you to work out and to perfect your trading strategy. Demo accounts have the same possibilities as real accounts. The only difference is that you can open such an account without investing your money and therefore can not pretend to get profit from them.


  • Step 1 : Download MetaTrader Software Platform
  • Step 2 : Install and Run that software (MetaTrader)
  • Step 3 : Fill with your name, address, phone, e-mail, etc to open a free demo account or click at "File" then "Open An Account"
  • Step 4 : Select a Demo Server, and then click Next to get the random password, and Finish
  • Step 5 : Press F1 button for "Help" and the instruction how to use the software

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Your demo account will be expired in 60 days, but you can create it again if you still want to try the demo

Click Here If you're ready to open a live account

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