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GainScope is a financial services corporation specialized in providing traders with high quality online spot forex trading services.
At, Our customer service is quick, friendly and knowledgeable, we are here for you every step of the way. If you are interested in trading currencies online, you will find that the forex market offers several advantages with comfort. offers exclusive support for Metatrader 4, the professional online trading terminal for the Forex Market.

Being an Introducer with a firm like FXDirectDealer,LLC (FXDD), one that was founded by a global brokerage operation, gives our customers peace of mind. Our trading platforms (Metatrader) are fully redundant and secure applications. The applications were built with the latest technology to insure that you can enjoy a high quality service 24-hours a day. We also employ a multi-level security scheme that protects your information while maintaining confidentiality.

Company Profile

  • Developed its auditing, compliance, and operational practices in the model of Tradition.
  • Receives its liquidity from the world's leading banks
  • Provides world-class security of funds
  • Holds a fidelity bond (Crum & Forster) to protect customer funds against fraud
  • Prevents negative equity
  • Provides transparent and consistent Inter-bank pricing and liquidity with fast trade execution.
  • Segregated Accounts

Our Broker Trading Facts:

We automatically executes trades without any intervention.
What does that mean for you? Unless you call to place an order over the phone, all trades you make will be processed and executed automatically by our system without any intervention by anyone. Simply put, if we show the price and you trade on it, you have a deal. No asterisks and no fine print. Period.

We do not use third party middleware to connect MT4 to interbank liquidity.
What does that mean for you? Your trading does not depend on the trials and errors of a software company that does not serve you, but instead serves the broker or the other side of your trades. If we fails we make you whole, period. That is why we like to be in control of our technology. This is why our Metatrader 4 consistently performs so well and why our Metatrader 4 is preferred by traders who develop automated trading scripts called Expert Advisors; they know they can rely on our experience and service.

We do not use any notorious "virtual dealer" trading server plug-ins.
What does that mean for you? Apparently, this plug-in can be used to allow for manual execution or tweaking the execution parameters on the trading server. We have never used these plug-ins and we don't plan to ever use them. And by the way, the NFA knows how to audit for this.

Our goal is to offer excellent service and execution to our clients. We offer top-flight service, personal attention and we care about and listen to our customers. We endorse client education because the more educated our clients are the more informed they will be when choosing which Forex dealer to trust and want to do business with.

We are NOT an investment company that hold and manage client funds. All client funds are managed by the client themselves and not by us. We are only as MEDIATOR that connects the clients with the world forex market through our support that help our clients to be able to trade safely and profitable. All client funds are not mixed with the company's bank account and can not be used other than the client's trading activity.

GainScope provides the best guidance and services allowing the client to choose a safe and reputable place to trade.

Indonesia - Gainscope Legal Consultant:

Mega Galaxy 14B no.1 Kertajaya Indah Timur, Surabaya.
+623170008000, +6281252888890

24-hours Client Service from the Broker (Sunday 5 PM to Friday 4 PM EST)
Phone: +1.212.791.3939 , +356.2013.3939
Fax: +356.2013.3329
Trading Desk: +356.2013.3939

You can call to The Trading Desk to trade by phone if your internet connection was problem or server down

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